Amitabha Centre had set up numerous charity shelters across Malaysia to help people in needs. These charitable facilities include old folks home, haemodialysis clinics, scholarships and free clinics. However in the recent years, we are facing shortage of volunteers and space as more needy individuals are approaching us for assistance and shelters. We were also facing management and fund-raising difficulties as more shelters are being operated in different states across Malaysia, thus diversifying our limited volunteering manpower. With these concerns, the conceptual “Charity Village” is born in 2003.

The Charity Village dream being realized

Charity village project started in 2004 in Kulai, Johor state after a series of fund raising activities and enormous support from the public. It is nested inside a 43 acre lush bamboo field, away from the hustle and pollution of the city. Through the calming bamboo plant, houses an array of charitable centres and shelters reaching out to the sufferings desperately seeking help. With our limited funds, we had only managed to complete the first stage of the seven proposed stage of The Charity Village, which is the Old Folks Shelter and the reception hall. We would hope with the establishment of The Charity village, more people will be aware of the suffering voice of the society, and recognize that they can make a lasting and monumental difference in the life that is devastated by poverty and mishap.

Warmth and Health

The shelter now houses 32 homeless individuals making up from abandoned or kinless old folks to mentally-disable children. Besides giving them shelter, we believe they are most entitled to loving and kindness. Volunteers from all around Asia had join us in giving loving and kindness to the inmates of our home, they came from Singapore, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Indonesia and China. Together we had successfully created a warmth and caring environment in the shelter.

Schools, companies and other organization would also co-organize outings to visit as well as giving joy to the old folks here. Here they would play board games, sing Karaoke and chat with the old folks. These activities greatly brightens up the shelter, giving the inmates joy and sense of being care for.

The health of the inmates is part of our primary concern. With half of them over 60 years old, sickness has become a common issue in the shelter. To tackle the issue, we have invited volunteering doctors to give the sick inmates consultation weekly. Health now we are proud to say we have over five healthy 100 years old inmates staying at our shelter!

Charitable centres in the Charity Village(Propose to complete in seven stages)

1. Old Folks Shelter (stage 1 completed 4th quarter 2007)
2. Lotus orphanage / pre-schools (stage 2)
3. Single/ unwed Mother care (stage 3)
4. Free clinics and dialysis treatment(stage 4)
5. Handicapped Shelter (stage 5)
6. Labor Contribution Centre(stage 6)
7. Health and exercise hall (stage 7)

Construction of new adoption orphanages

The purpose of the new orphanages is to ensure orphaned and abandoned children enjoy a healthy, caring environment while helping them find a loving family. We are working with multiple agency and government agency to provide the best possible resources to these children. With the new building and facilities, we can demonstrate attentiveness, education, concern, and love for the children, and provides needs for food, clothing, medical care, etc. Our goal is to provide optimal care for children in the center as we work at getting them adopted into families when possible. The success of this project will see that the orphans we sheltered will face a better tomorrow and chances for a adoption.

The Charity Village projects that we are working on will involve building schools, day centers, homes, clinics and much more. We had build The Charity Village to influence the world to develop loving and kindness for all mankind, this feat although ambitious, but if you and I put our heart to it, we can do it We need you to accomplish this and there are no effort is too small.